Tweeting #elit Theory

Tweeting #elit Theory

Our conversation was Archived by Professor Zamora:

From Mia Zamora’s Storify #Elitclass discussion on Electronic Literature

My “Introduction to Electronic Literature” class recently had a wonderful twitter discussion on the nature of Electronic Literature with scholar Amanda Starling Gould from Duke University. We had all recently read her article entitled “A Bibliographic Overview of Electronic Literature”.

Here is our Writing Electronic Literature class blog. This blog includes -course materials, -links to  prominent e-literature collections and e-lit scholarship, -our course resources, -my weekly class updates, -links to each student’s blog (which in turn include links to their own critiques and their own e-lit projects, etc.), ,etc.

And here is Amanda Starling Gould’s overview of Electronic Literature: A Bibliographic Overview of Electronic Literature

We took to twitter to chat with Prof. Gould for a bit during our last class.  Our resulting conversation provided many thoughtful reflections about electronic literature.  Here is some of what transpired:

[View the story “#Elitclass discussion on Electronic Literature” on Storify]

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