Chat Fest Intervention 2012

Can we virtually annotate the physical space and conceptually hybridize the social space of an academic conference by deliberately tagging the walls and windows with augmented reality QR codes?

In order to stretch and test the concepts and interrelationships of augmented reality and hybridity, I propose we metaverse-ify CHAT Fest 2012. We want to investigate the affordances and affects of virtual annotations and of conceptual, multidimensional time-space frames. Will participants interact differently with the place–the real and phenomenological space–of the academic conference if it is gently digitally annotated?

Hidden in the visible spaces of the CHAT Fest are nearly 100 codes. FIND THEM!

CHALLENGE: Make your own Codes. Kaywa QR Code Generator. Place them randomly or deliberately. Snap photos and send them to I’ll add them here to our gallery.

CHALLENGE: Observe your fellow CHAT festers. Are they engaging with the codes? Snap photos of the QR codes in use and send them to I’ll post them here in our gallery.

CHAT Fest 2012 QR Code Intervention Gallery

Theoretical Statement

Feb. 2012

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