Scheduled Talks, Workshops, and Conference Presentations


April 22: Keynote for the NC Digital Humanities Institute, Environments of DH

Keynote Teaser: Our digital devices and the data processes we code and encode are deeply embedded in physical and social contexts. I’ll suggest that mineral mines, undersea cables, data warehouses, the command line, AI, and e-waste mounds are locations where DH is Environmental. These are sites that remind us the body does not end where technology begins, and that DH does not begin or end at the device. Messy are the clean categories we might want to use to categorize “environments” when we can perhaps no longer understand separately what is now inseparable. There is no digital work outside the Environment.

March 25: Online Embodied Pedagogy: bringing our full selves to the virtual room, Duke University


May 25, 2021: Right Research: Modelling Sustainable Research Practices in the Anthropocene Book Launch

Virtual Event

May 24, 2021: Responses to Rupture: Duke Story+ Virtual Interdisciplinary Humanities Research Program

2021 CHCI Annual Meeting


June 1-4, 2020: How Story+, a team-based hands-on interdisciplinary research program, Went Virtual

Duke University, Science of Team Science Conference

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January 10: UNC Failure Workshop

UNC-Chapel Hill / American Underground, Durham NC


October 18: Learning to Fail Workshop

Duke Master of Engineering Management Program, Durham NC

July 30: Learning to Fail

Duke Kunshan University Visiting Cohort, Durham NC

July 24: EcoCritical Digital Humanities, Or How to Save the Planet

Association for Computers and the Humanities Conference

April 26: Mindful Teaching and “Learning to Fail”

Duke University, Duke Learning Innovation: Faculty Speak


Sept 28: Digital Pedagogy Roundtable

Duke University, Migrations Lab

Sept 26: Introduction to Digital Pedagogy

Duke University, Migrations Lab

Sept 18: EcoDH: Intersections of Environmental and Digital Humanities—Digital Dialogue Panel

MITH Digital Dialogue, University of Maryland


March 23: “#EcoDH: Global Environmental Digital Humanities”

Global Digital Humanities Symposium, Michigan State University

Feb 22: “Publishing as Pedagogy” Panel

Duke University Libraries

Feb 15: “Dirty Digital Humanities: From iPhones to eWaste”

SustainableUX 2018: Design in a Warming World Conference

Nov 4: “Global Digital Solutions for Energy and the Environment”

HackDuke Code for Good Conference, Duke University

Nov 3: “EcoCritical Digital Humanities and/beyond the Academy | Possible Digital Worlds, One Material World: EcoDH Roundtable Discussion”

HASTAC Conference 2017The Possible Worlds of Digital Humanities, Orlando Florida

Nov 2: “Professionalizing Your Digital Persona” Workshop with Dr. Aaron Dinin

PhD Lab in Digital Knowledge, Duke University


March 10: “Climates of Care: Environmental Storytelling in the Anthropocene”

Duke University, PhD Lab for Digital Knowledge

October 22:Technospheric Media Theory in the Age of the Anthropocene: From Mythological Motifs to Models for Sustainable Digital Practice

Timescales Environmental Humanities Conference, UPenn

October 5: “Sustainable Media Studies: The Environmental Rhetoric of Digital Art”

Literature Colloquium, Duke University

Respondent: Dr. Whitney Trettien (UNC-Chapel Hill)

**An event Certified Green by Sustainable Duke.