Scheduled Talks, Workshops, and Conference Presentations


May 25, 2021: Right Research: Modelling Sustainable Research Practices in the Anthropocene Book Launch

Virtual Event

May 24, 2021: Responses to Rupture: Duke Story+ Virtual Interdisciplinary Humanities Research Program

2021 CHCI Annual Meeting


June 1-4, 2020: How Story+, a team-based hands-on interdisciplinary research program, Went Virtual

Duke University, Science of Team Science Conference

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January 10: UNC Failure Workshop

UNC-Chapel Hill / American Underground, Durham NC


October 18: Learning to Fail Workshop

Duke Master of Engineering Management Program, Durham NC

July 30: Learning to Fail

Duke Kunshan University Visiting Cohort, Durham NC

July 24: EcoCritical Digital Humanities, Or How to Save the Planet

Association for Computers and the Humanities Conference

April 26: Mindful Teaching and “Learning to Fail”

Duke University, Duke Learning Innovation: Faculty Speak


Sept 28: Digital Pedagogy Roundtable

Duke University, Migrations Lab

Sept 26: Introduction to Digital Pedagogy

Duke University, Migrations Lab

Sept 18: EcoDH: Intersections of Environmental and Digital Humanities—Digital Dialogue Panel

MITH Digital Dialogue, University of Maryland


March 23: “#EcoDH: Global Environmental Digital Humanities”

Global Digital Humanities Symposium, Michigan State University

Feb 22: “Publishing as Pedagogy” Panel

Duke University Libraries

Feb 15: “Dirty Digital Humanities: From iPhones to eWaste”

SustainableUX 2018: Design in a Warming World Conference

Nov 4: “Global Digital Solutions for Energy and the Environment”

HackDuke Code for Good Conference, Duke University

Nov 3: “EcoCritical Digital Humanities and/beyond the Academy | Possible Digital Worlds, One Material World: EcoDH Roundtable Discussion”

HASTAC Conference 2017The Possible Worlds of Digital Humanities, Orlando Florida

Nov 2: “Professionalizing Your Digital Persona” Workshop with Dr. Aaron Dinin

PhD Lab in Digital Knowledge, Duke University


March 10: “Climates of Care: Environmental Storytelling in the Anthropocene”

Duke University, PhD Lab for Digital Knowledge

October 22:Technospheric Media Theory in the Age of the Anthropocene: From Mythological Motifs to Models for Sustainable Digital Practice

Timescales Environmental Humanities Conference, UPenn

October 5: “Sustainable Media Studies: The Environmental Rhetoric of Digital Art”

Literature Colloquium, Duke University

Respondent: Dr. Whitney Trettien (UNC-Chapel Hill)

**An event Certified Green by Sustainable Duke.