Upcoming Talks

Scheduled Talks, Workshops, and Conference Presentations


Nov 2: “Professionalizing Your Digital Persona” Workshop with Dr. Aaron Dinin

PhD Lab in Digital Knowledge, Duke University

Nov 3: “EcoCritical Digital Humanities and/beyond the Academy”

HASTAC Conference 2017The Possible Worlds of Digital Humanities, Orlando Florida

Nov 4: “Global Digital Solutions for Energy and the Environment”

HackDuke Code for Good Conference, Duke University

Feb 15: “Dirty Digital Media/Humanities”

Sustainable UX Conference, Design in a Warming World, Global Online



October 5: “Sustainable Media Studies: The Environmental Rhetoric of Digital Art”

Literature Colloquium, Duke University

Respondent: Dr. Whitney Trettien (UNC-Chapel Hill)

**An event Certified Green by Sustainable Duke.

October 22:Technospheric Media Theory in the Age of the Anthropocene: From Mythological Motifs to Models for Sustainable Digital Practice

Timescales Environmental Humanities Conference, UPenn

January 8: “Restor(y)ing the Ground: Digital Environmental Media Studies & Eco-Critical DH”

Session Title: Anthropocene Digital Humanities
Includes Presentations from myself (Panel Chair), Dr. Shane Denson (Stanford), Dr. Roger Whitson (Washington State), Dr. Helen Burgess (NC State), and Anna Coulthon (Dr. Burgess’s twitterbot)

Modern Language Association (MLA) Convention 2017, Philadelphia

March 10: “Climates of Care: Environmental Storytelling in the Anthropocene”

Duke University, PhD Lab for Digital Knowledge

March 14: “Dirty Digital Humanities: From iPhones to eWaste.”

MITH Digital Dialogues Series, Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities.

Event page: Dirty Digital Environmental Humanities