I am a program director, educator, researcher, and technology scholar.

For the past five years I’ve directed the Story+ research program at Duke University.

During my tenure I’ve worked with hundreds of researchers within the academy, in the community, and beyond to develop projects, manage research teams, and create communities of practice to further the research. In addition to managing budgets and teams, I build networks, match researchers with community partners, and to guide them to translate their knowledge into stories for public audiences and into action so that they can apply their research to enact change.

I am also a critical digital technology scholar with particular expertise in the environmental affects of digital technologies and how technologies of connection can cause disconnect, bias, and harm. I think, for example, about how the unequal distribution of power and access are designed into the system.

I also teach undergraduate, graduate, and adult learners on topics of the same sort – on critical digital studies, public and digital humanities, designing equitable futures, and for the last four years a class called Learning to Fail for the Innovation & Entrepreneurship department at Duke.