Digital Projects

The best of my research develops from, or into, collaborative critical practice. My aim is to use material and digital tools to produce a meaningful engagement with humanities issues.


Social Movements Map: In-process collaboration with the Duke Social Movements Lab, the Franklin Humanities Institute, and students from Duke University.

Global Ecological Solutions Map: I began this map of global environmental sustainability solutions with the students in my Duke University Spring 2017 Global Ecological Humanities course.


Network Ecologies, a multimodal digital scholarly publication, brings together scientists, artists, architects, entrepreneurs, humanities scholars, and game designers to reflect on the nature of network(ed) ecologies within their own particular fields. PI, Project Manager, Editor, Co-Designer. Publication co-designed with design partner Florian Wiencek using the interactive Scalar platform. Published by the John Hope Franklin Humanities Institute. See the full publication here:

netcologies_cover_20160728_scaled (2)

“Manifest Data,” a multi-modal collaborative project that captures and translates personal digital internet browsing data into physical sculpture. In a performative gesture, it made manifest the physical nature of my digital data, returning it to the earth.  PI, Project Manager, Lead Designer. In collaboration with Duke’s S-1 Speculative Sensation Lab,, 2015.


StarGouldBot, a bot who tweets phrases generated from my dissertation, Digital Metabolisms, born November 2015. Online @stargouldbot.

Textual Hacks with Textual Hacks” (below). This is a ‘textual hack’ of Nick Montfort’s Taroko Gorge. In his code, Montfort encourages textual deformation. This hack responds by replacing every other word with a hack synonym developed during a dinner talk with Mark Sample and the Duke PhD Lab. Hack inspired by Mark Sample’s “Textual Hacks” assignments, 2015. Here you can switch between the deformed Taroko Gorge and the deformation’s code (you can also grab the code and make your own hacks!):

Ecology of Networks,” [$10,000] Grant Project sponsored by Duke FHI and the PhD Lab in Digital Knowledge, member of the Digital Humanities Praxis Network:, 2013-2016.

Network(ed) Metabolism™,” a performative project exploring capitalistic data capture and the human’s implication in the digital’s metabolism. PI, Project Manager, Lead Designer. In collaboration with Duke’s S-1 Speculative Sensation Lab,, 2014.

Networked Synesthesia,” an exploration in physical computing and collaborative sensory input that created a living video game controller from bodily data. Collaborator. In collaboration with Duke’s S-1 Speculative Sensation Lab,, 2013.

Biometric Selection Engine™: Biometric Books,” a project creating abridged books based on personal biometric response. In collaboration with Duke’s S-1 Speculative Sensation Lab,, 2013.

Microblogging Marx: A Transliterary Multimodal Essay,”, 2012.

CHAT Fest QR Code Intervention Exhibition,” Collaborations in Humanities, Arts, & Technology (CHAT) Festival 2012, Duke University,, 2012.

Museum of NonZero Maps,” a digital-visual argument,, 2012.

Innovative Narrative Design: A Chance Encounter,” a multimodal book that retells a single story in 50 different ways,, 2010.


Global Ecological Humanities Final Projects: Brought to You by the Next Generation of Changemakers,”

Augmenting Realities – the New Realities That Supplant Us or Empower Us,”, 2014.

Science Fiction Science Fact WebJournal: Quantum Mechanical Creative Short Stories,”, 2014.

Augmenting Realities: How We View and Shape Our World,”, 2013.